That extra oomph: An interview with Kelly Thorn

It was wonderful to have Kelly and Spencer join us on this years trip. Kelly has a wonderful sense of humor and a jovial spirit about her, which I think shows in her characterful lettering work. I hope that both of them will join us on future adventures, they were a joy to share ideas and laugh with.

Name Kelly “þ” Thorn

Based in Brooklyn “BedStuy” NY

Kelly and Riley examine specimens at Starshaped Press.

What disciplines do you specialize in? Illustrative lettering, sheepherding, and swizzle-sticking

What's your typical day like? I wake up without an alarm around 7 or 7:30, and I immediately do some yoga and stretches. I always like to start my day with some fresh fruit and chia pudding I’ve made the night before, along with an Americano made with freshly ground beans from Bed Stuy Local in my favorite mug by Josephine Noel. I also treat myself to some fresh juice, a smoothie, or homemade granola. I’ll then run over to the farmer’s market to pick up the fresh fruits needed for tomorrow’s morning ritual.

I compose an overly ambitious list of daily goals, both professional and personal and jump in. I usually complete about 30% of them due to my many many friends on Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter (I’m sure you’re familiar with these websites!). I work until I feel good about how much I’ve accomplished, and then I work a little more. The reason I stop working at all is because my sexy hubby texts me to remind me that I need to eat.

Kelly’s fancy new temporary tattoos we got to try out on the Field Trip. You should follow her on Instagram to find out when you can order one yourself.

After my very important endeavors, I might head over to meet my sexy hubby at the Pencil Factory and we go eat various Polish foods or drink fancy mixed drinks with friends, or just have a casual dinner for 2. Then we’ll saunter home and Spencer will s my d.

How did you first get interested in typography, lettering, and type design? In the 5th grade, I wrote a book named Nightmare of the Living Dummy (Please don’t sue me, RL Stine) and I illustrated the entire thing complete with spooky, wacky letters I loved being able to communicate in that way, especially because I truly thought that my novella was extremely frightening and that my letters added that extra oomph.

Mauricio Cremer, Kelly Thorn, and Marisol Ortega leaf through some books during Lost Type’s visit to Starshaped Press in Chicago.

So… How do you feel about Curlz MT? Pretty sure I used Curlz for all body copy in Nightmare of the Living Dummy. It was siiiiiiiiiiick.

What’s your favorite breakfast food? Lots of things but my palette is particularly partial to leftover Chinese food.

One of a series of beautiful cards that Kelly lettered. Thanks so much to Kelly and Spencer for being part of #fieldtripchi, we loved having them along.
This was Kelly’s first Lost Type Field Trip, and we are so glad she came along. Follow Kelly on Instagram to see more of her ridiculous humor and beautiful work.