Chicago built, PT. 1

So, Chicago huh? Pretty amazing city so far. I got here a day earlier than everyone and had a chance to walk around a little bit. The architecture is simply too much for me to handle at times. I was constantly looking up, snapping away.

These shots are just a little taste of what I've seen so far. So much history, so many great details. I didn't realize how big this city is. So many different buildings from different time periods. Just walking around is very humbling and you realize how quickly these buildings were built. Everyone is outdoing the other, each with more and more ornate additions, but all with respect to one another, emulating them in one way or another.

I'll post some more when I get the chance, time to get back…

Looks like the Haberdashers used to live here. Great looking building with a nice patina.

Willoughby Tower looking tough. Love those crazy eights.

The Carbide and Carbon Building. Now the Hard Rock Hotel. Designed to look like a champagne bottle.

The Prudential. This is part of the building. Love that type.
Prudential, again. Love those silver tones.
Tried to Google up these building so I could look like I knew who designed these bad boys, but nope.
I spy an old water tower.
Fancy gold revolving door.
Michigan Ave. Bridge pillar with Wrigley Building to the left.
Marina City. A city within a city.

We’ll follow up with more photos of Chicago tomorrow. In the meantime, you can keep up with our ongoing posts on the @losttypecoop Instagram. If you’re in Chicago, make sure to register for An evening with Lost Type, happening August 12th.