First day in Chicago

We made it! Almost everyone has arrived at the Lost Type Field Trip house here in Chicago, IL.

Four of this year’s attendees are from the Pacific Northwest, and three of us were lucky enough to have met up a little early. Riley and I caught a cab together in at 4:45AM—maybe we’ve stayed up to that hour before, talking about type and writing code, but this is probably the first time we’ve met up that early.

Then, we caught our plane out of YVR:

At the Chicago airport, we met up with our friend Marisol Ortega, a talented designer and illustrator working as a Senior Designer at Starbucks in Seattle. Then, we all annoyed everyone on the moving sidewalk by taking photos through the Sky’s the Limit walkway in the airport:

The neon portion of installation was created by Michael Hayden, who is coincidentally also from Vancouver.

Immediately, and perhaps predictably, we went from the airport to a bar to meet up with the rest of the #fieldtripchi crew that had already arrived.

This year’s attendees include Kelly Thorn, Marisol Ortega, Jim Leszczynski, Mauricio Cremer, Spencer Charles, Kenneth Ormandy (hi), Riley Cran, Frances MacLeod, Danelle Cheney, Chaun Osburn, and Dan Gneiding.

Later, Chaun Osburn, who works at the amazing studio Urban Influence in Seattle, joined us at the Lost Type Co-op house. He had arrived a day or two before us, but it was great to have all the Pacific Northwest attendees in the same place. We went for breakfast the next morning:

Riley and Kenneth, from Vancouver, and Chaun and Marisol, from Seattle. Photo thanks to Danelle.

I’ve loved following along with Lost Type’s field trips, and I feel so lucky to be an attendee this year. At first we’ve just been getting to know each other better, but today everyone’s working on projects.

Everyone at the house, hard at work on type, lettering, and graphic design projects.

Some incredible work is started at Lost Type’s field trips, from Mission Gothic, Dude Hank Pro, to Riley’s upcoming release which we’ve started using on this very site. We’re looking forward to showing you whatever is next!

If you’re near Chicago, we’ll happily do that in person at our event, An evening with Lost Type. Tickets are still available: