Our next Field Trip: Philadelphia

This September, we’ll be packing our bags for another Lost Type Field Trip—this time in Philadelphia!

After a successful meeting earlier this year in Vancouver, where Riley Cran, Alanna Munro and I are all based, we’ll be travelling to somewhere new (to me at least), where the Lost Type team will reunite again.

Lost Type in Vancouver, earlier this year.

We’ve been working on projects together all year, and many of those are planned and extended at our (now apparently) semi-annual field trips. As Riley put it, before we left for Chicago,

One part team bonding, one part sourcing inspiration, these trips are something we look forward to year round, and I’m so excited to see everyone again.

Each field trip is hosted by a regular Lost Type contributor, which gives us an opportunity to see a portion of the city through the eyes of a local, and to connect with its design community. Philadelphia-based graphic and type designer Dan “Grayhood” Gneiding is simultaneously one of Lost Type’s most reliable and yet least predictable contributors. He has taken the lead on planning some exciting events during our visit.

The Lost Type logo on a gradient background.

First is a drink ‘n’ draw, where we’ll be casually working on letters and hanging out with the other LT contributors.

This isn’t a formal lettering event, regardless of your experience lettering, we hope you’ll drop by.

Next, we’ll look back at some of the work started on previous Lost Type field trips, including Mission Gothic, Dude Hank Pro, and Moriston, and forward to what’s next at our Lost Type Lecture. Tickets are available:

You can also attend the Lost Type Art Show:

More announcements to come—make sure to follow along with Lost Type on Instagram and Twitter wherever you are. If you’re based near Philadelphia, we hope to see you in person soon!