Now and forever, bacon: An interview with Grayhood

In addition to being one of Lost Type’s most prolific contributors, Dan Gneiding is one of my favorite people on these Field Trips, for his mix of humor, storytelling and logistical skills. Dan is one of the people that truly keep Lost Type running smoothly, and the same applies to the Field Trips. Dan is usually the first one to arrive and the last to leave.

How are you even supposed to caption this?

Name Dan “Grayhood” Gneiding

Based in Philadelphia, PA

What discipline do you specialize in? 8-bit poop animations.

What’s your typical day like? Like a meme, wrapped in a mystery, deep fried in a conundrum and smothered with cheese.

How did you first get interested in typography / lettering / type design? It all started for me when i used to copy the logos of my favorite bands and/or comic book art/lettering.

So… How do you feel about Curlz MT? I dig Curls MT b/c the name reminds me of cheese curls which are not a far cry from Doritos… mmmmmm Doritos…

A picture of Dan Gneiding
Dan “Grayhood” Gneiding. Photo by Riley Cran with some minor modifications.

What’s your favorite breakfast food? Now and forever, Bacon.

Delicious pixels.