Chicago built, PT. 2

Yo! We said we’d follow up with more pictures of Chicago’s great skyline and here they be.

Check out some more of this city’s amazingness, with a little bit of rust and under the bridge action thrown in for good measure.

Merchandise Mart

Under the bridge. What bridge, I don't recall.

Another bridge pillar. People used to occupy these and raise and lower the bridge.

What you looking at Willis?
CFD at the locks of Lake Michigan.
Lovely details.
Chicago Theater ghosts.
The L details, love those colors.
Without knowing exactly what this building is, or who built it, it is amazing nonetheless – but if you do want to research it more, it’s the Marina City building by designed by Bertrand Goldberg, completed in 1964.

We’re also posting photos from our type walks to the new Lost Type Instagram. If you’re in Chicago, we’ll also be talking about how previous field trips have influenced future work at An evening with Lost Type, happening August 12th.